MN Ali Akbar, ITSB Graduate, get outstanding result on Petrobowl Zagreb, Croatia

Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar, MSc ITSB graduate and now as Petroleum Geoengineering at the University of Miskolc has brought a proud for his university. After he was chosen the best paper and presenter in his previous conference in the event of Geosymposium 2018 Poland. He showed again the outstanding result from Zagreb, Croatia. He attended SPE Annual Student Energy Congress 2019 which held on 3-7 March 2019 as a representative of his university to compete with other European universities for competitions of PetroTournament (Petrobowl) and a Scientific Poster. As a result, he won first place for PetroTournament and third place for the scientific poster directly.

The participants are mainly from European Universities including participants from Russia, Israel, and Latin America as well. The main events of this congress were Scientific Paper and Poster Contests, PetroTournament, Panels Session from SPE Boards and petroleum experts, technical workshop of artificial lifts and seismic interpretation, and it was closed by field trip to the offshore platform in Labin, Croatia.

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